Kanazawa, Mt. Hakusan, Kutani Ceramic Art Village.
As the area is steeped in tradition and surrounded by nature,
there is no shortage of places to see.

  • Ishikawa Zoo

    Over 3,600 animals belonging to 205 species, including snow leopards,live in this spacious zoo.

  • Tedori Fishland

    This comprehensive leisure complex is the largest in the Hokuriku region.You can enjoy ultra man show

  • Kutani pottery village

    acilities include a Kutani-ware shopping mall and a museum. You can experience making pottery.

  • Kenrokuen

    Kenrokuen Garden, created as the garden of the lord of the wealthy Kaga clan, is one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan.

  • 21st Century Museum
    of Contemporary Art

    This contemporary art museum surrounded by glass walls is popular among people all over Japan.
    It is near Kenrokuen.

  • Higashi Chaya Teahouse

    The townscape of traditional houses with latticework is characteristic of this area, where you may hear the sounds of Japanese instruments.

  • Hakusan Shirakawa-go
    White Road

    This toll road with a view of the Hakusan mountain range is at an altitude of 600m ~1,450m.The drive takes about one hour.

  • Shirayama-Hime

    This is the head shrine of 3,000 Hakusan shrines in Japan. It has been attracting attention as a “power spot”.

  • Hakusan Country Club
    Golf Links

    There are two golf courses Matsukaze and Sensui. This golf club is very close to Tatsunokuchi Onsen.

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