A trip to Kanazawa staying at Tatsunokuchi Hot Spring

Tatsunokuchi Hot Spring Resort is the perfect base for sightseeing in Kanazawa and enjoying trips to the Mt. Hakusan and Kaga areas.

春 Enjoy the cherry blossoms
and discover the area’s history.

Cherry trees in Kenrokuen Garden

This garden is famous for its cherry blossoms. Admission is free when the blossoms are in full bloom and illuminated at night.

The flavors of spring

Enjoy seasonal food such as sea bream, young sweetfish, and wild vegetables from the Mt. Hakusan area.

Open-air bath in the countryside

Relax in an open-air bath while gazing at the moon. (Mixed bathing open-air bath “Tambo-no-yu”/Mixed bathing open-air bath “Tambo-no-yu”)

Nomi ancient burial mounds

Large keyhole-shaped tomb mounds, the largest in the Hokuriku region, were found in the Nomi area. Restored clay figures excavated from the tombs are on display in the exhibition room.


This old checkpoint is famous as the setting of the kabuki story “Kanjincho”. There are bronze statues associated with the Kanjincho story in a pine grove facing the Sea of Japan.

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夏 The Tedori River alluvial fan radiates beauty.
Visit the fun places in Summer.

Public bath and footbath

The public bath is a good place for chatting with local
residents, and the footbath is ideal for taking a little rest.

Butterfly garden

You can stroll in a dome with about 1,000 butterflies flying around.(Ishikawa Insect Museum)

Hot spring pool

The pool has a slide and a water tunnel for children.(kurhauskutani)

Hideki Matsui Baseball museum

This is the museum in honor of Hideki Matsui, the major-league baseball player from Ishikawa Prefecture.

Ishikawa Zoo

There are many fascinating animals to observe in this spacious zoo. The “night zoo” held on certain days is popular.

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秋 Follow the path of beautiful autumn leaves,
and learn about the area’s great novelists.

Hakusan-soba road

There are delicious soba-noodle shops along Route 157.You can see buckwheat fields around that.

Hakusan Shirakawa-go White Road

In the fall, you can enjoy the beautiful colored foliage along the road.

World Heritage Site Shirakawago,Gokayama

You can stroll around the historic village of thatched roof houses, which is at the end of Hakusan Shirakawa White Road.

The flavors of autumn

Please enjoy newly harvested rice grown on the Kaga Plain, matsutake mushrooms and fresh fish from the Sea of Japan.

Izumi Kyoka Kinenkan Museum

This museum is located on the site of the house where the famous novelist Kyoka Izumi was born.You can get in touch with the fantastic world of Kyoka.

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冬 Beautiful winter landscapes,
fine crafts and gourmet dining await you.

Snowy Kenrokuen Garden

Trees protected from heavy snow in this way can only be seen in the Hokuriku region.

Modern art appreciation

Leandro’s Pool and many other unique works of art blend into the museum’s architecture. (21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art)

Kano crab from the Sea of Japan

Please enjoy exquisite crab caught off the nearby coast of Mikawa.
This area is famous as a place for delicious crabs.

Tasty local sake

Please enjoy the delicious local sake that results from the area’s high-quality water and air, and its fine sake rice.Shochu-NOMIYOSHI is also popular.◎Miyamoto Shuzouten

Shopping for Kutani-ware

This shopping mall is the only place in Japan where you can buy all types of Kutani-ware, from classic styles to modern pieces.

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